Beautician Ayu

A household name in Amsterdam

Ayu started in 2008 with her practice for skin improvement. In the past ten years, she has built up a loyal clientele that is very satisfied with the results. Not only from Amsterdam, but also from neighboring towns such as Haarlem, Zaandam and Amstelveen people come to her for treatment and advice.

Personal attention for each customer

Ayu works independently and takes plenty of time for each customer. She works patiently and accurately and is specialized in treating problem skin. Through her years of experience with different types of skin and acne she is an expert in the field of natural skin care improvement. She is meticulous in removing blackheads, milia, pimples and other impurities, so you’ll be happy to look in the mirror after a facial!

Tips and advice for your skin improvement

The facial treatments focus on skin improvement and the treatment method has many similarities with that of a skin therapist. Ayu also gives good advice, practical solutions and valuable tips to take good care of your skin so you can also contribute to improving your skin. Experience shows that the best results are achieved when you follow the advice of Ayu also at home.