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acne treatment

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Problem skin is caused by hormonal changes. For example, at puberty, during menstruation or pregnancy and when you start / stop contraceptive agents. Also around the menopause, or at a later age you can suffer from acne, blackheads, pimples and scars. In addition, genetic factors, drugs and comedogenic cosmetic products may play a role. Just as stress, diet and your lifestyle.

A good skin care begins at home: it is very important to thoroughly clean your skin every day. Especially if you use makeup to camouflage a blemished skin. The result of makeup can be clogged pores with more pimples as a result. Those who suffer from pimples and inflammation benefit from regular cleaning by a specialist.

Beauty Studio Ayu Amsterdam has many years experience with the treatment of acne. You get good advice, practical solutions and valuable tips to take good care of your skin. So make an appointment and elimate your problem skin now!