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Declaré was developed around 1980 and was then the world's first cosmetics line specifically for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is thinner and finer in texture than normal skin. Sensitive skin reacts earlier and more intensively to outside influences and from within. Declaré specializes in this sensitive skin. There is a suitable product for each specific need. The result is an exceptional line of high-quality care products for face and body. Declaré is being developed under the strictest pharmaceutical guidelines and manufactured in Switzerland and has not been tested on animals.



The Spanish cosmetics company Casmara has been developing quality products in the field of skin care for many years. The products are sold worldwide in 44 countries now. The company has its own laboratory so that they can take care of the production and distribution of this high-quality cosmetic line. The unique alginate masks form the core of the range. Casmara offers solutions for every skin type. From anti-aging to dry skin, acne to sun-damaged skin.


clean + easy

The Brazilian wax treatments are carried out with the products of clean + easy, the best known wax system in the world with 25 years experience in the professional beauty salon industry. Clean + Easy stands for new ideas, new technologies and new wax mixes. Hair removal has never been so clean and easy! Before and after the waxing, special treatment products are used that prepare, cool, camouflage and care for the skin.

  clean and easy